Elevation And Flood Plain Tampa Surveyor

All County Surveyors perform elevation and flood plain surveys to determine the elevation of the land to confirm if the location is in fact a current flood zone. Inadvertently some areas may be shown within a flood zone on a rate map even though the property is on natural ground and is at or above the base flood elevation. All County Surveyors can perform this survey for Tampa residents and if applicable petition to FEMA for the removal or elimination of future Flood Insurance premiums on the property. All County Surveyors provide FEMA, LOMA, and LOMR-F letters for the removal of flood insurance for the entire state of Florida.

Elevation Survey: Why Flood Zones May Be Inaccurate

All County Surveyors understand that some properties have earthen fill placed during construction, thereby elevating a structure to an elevation that is at or above the base flood elevation for that area. If this is the case,the property may be eligible to be removed from the present flood zone determination designated by FEMA. The new flood zone will lower or even eliminate, (if the client chooses) their Flood Insurance premiums. All County Surveyors perform survey services Monday through Sunday to suit their clients needs. To request a free estimate visit www.allcountysurveyors.net or call 1-(88)-860-9119.

Lowest Survey Rate Guaranteed

All County Surveyors want your business. They know that they can provide professional, accurate and timely survey services to meet each clients specific need. They provide a free estimate with fair prices. If a client has an offer from another survey business, fax the estimate to (954)-777-2707 and All County Surveyors will beat that estimate by 10%. Let All County Surveyors meet your survey needs with an exceptional quality Tampa survey.

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